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Expert strategist and tactician promoting the development, enactment and implementation of public policy favorable to represented parties. Successful in evaluating the political, economic, legal and governmental impact of specific policy and legislative initiatives. Successful in garnering support and consensus involving parties with vastly different agendas and objectives. Outstanding client service, communication and relationship management skills. Exceptional record of initiative-taking, plus high level of entrepreneurial spirit with a thorough understanding of clients served. Strong leadership skills with proven ability to negotiate and build consensus with involved stakeholders. Ability to work harmoniously in an international and multi-cultural environment. Experienced in media relations and business strategy development. Recognized for trust integrity, loyalty and commitment. Possesses interdisciplinary education necessary for multi-divisional business/policy analysis.

Launched entrepreneurial government affairs consulting practice providing comprehensive management of proposed legislative initiatives impacting clients. Specializes in the development and execution of legislative strategies involving tax, trade, appropriations, intellectual property, gambling, Internet and economic development. Developed and maintains long-term client relationships based on a commitment to deliver value through favorable outcomes and superior customer service. Key projects in selected areas include:

Internet / Intellectual Property
Trade and Economical Development


Levi Strauss & Company
Worked closely with company’s in-house counsel to provide educational public policy input concerning foreign taxation and health care to Congressional tax, trade and health care staff.
•Secured inclusion of favorable tax amendment to Senate Bill 1201, the Subchapter S Modernization Act of 2001.

Carolina Mirror Company
• Crafted and secured Senate passage of legislation to allow the company to secure $30 million in refinancing in furtherance of economic development.

National Indian Gaming Association
• Secured tax amendment in 2002 Senate Finance Committee Small Business Tax Bill overturning U.S. Supreme Court Chickasaw Nation decision.
• Co-leader of team that secured inclusion of FUTA tax relief for Indian nations in Senate Finance Committee Chairman’s Mark and FY 2000 Tax Conference Report. This tax provision was supported by over 30 United States Senators and the Clinton Administration. Co-strategist of legislative team which defeated Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee proposal to tax tribal governments, halting an initiative with the potential for a $5 billion negative economic impact. Successfully intervened in efforts by House Ways & Means Committee to include taxation of tribal governmental commercial activities in the Financial Freedom Act of 1999.
• Devised and implemented strategy resulting in defeat of attempts by certain members of the NGISC calling for mandatory federal regulation and taxation of tribal governmental gambling.

McCain 2000 Presidential Campaign
• Assisted presidential campaign of Senator John McCain in analyzing and communicating taxation proposals and strategy.

Senator Max Baucus, US Senate
• Led a team of Congressional staff to enact tax legislation for senior Senate Finance Committee member, which led to member being named Tax Policy Maker of the Year in 1991 by the Tax Foundation.
• Payroll Simplification Act of 1991. Drafted proposal to reduce the complexity of corporate and small business payroll tax deposits. Consulted with Senate Finance Committee staff, Treasury Department staff and major payroll processing companies throughout the U.S. resulting in enactment of legislation.
• Extension of Section 29 Fuel Source Credit. Formulated legislation promoting energy sector exploration. Extensive outreach and negotiations with other Senate staff resulting in enactment of legislation.
• Indian Employment and Investment Act of 1993. Co-leader of team which created economic development legislation favorable to Native American reservations. Worked in cooperation with Committee and personal staffs in order to develop coalition and promote subsequent enactment into law.
• Foreign Tax Simplification Act of 1991. Developed legislation and organized coalition to simplify foreign tax area, sections of which were later enacted into law.

Gardere & Wynne
• Developed tax litigation strategies and analyzed income tax implications of international business transactions.

United States Tax Court
• Selected from a large group of competitive candidates to serve under the Honorable Marvin F. Peterson.

Alabama Coushatta Indian Tribe of Texas
•Secured favorable U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on tribal restoration. Leader of team which secured elimination of IRS assessment of tax, interest and penalty.

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National Indian Gaming Association
• Co-leader of team that devised and implemented strategy resulting in defeat of Senator Mike Enzi’s attempt to include an amendment to prohibit the implementation of Secretarial Procedures for alternative compacting in the FY 1999 Supplemental Appropriations conference report.
• Co-leader of team that devised and implemented strategy resulting in defeat of Congressmen David Weldon and Bob Barr’s amendment to prohibit the implementation of Secretarial Procedures for alternative compacting in the FY 2000 House Interior appropriations bill.
• Successfully represented Native Americans’ interests before the federally-appointed National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC) resulting in recognition of the social and economic benefits of tribal government gambling.
• Secured tax-exempt bond provisions favoring Native American governments in the U.S. Senate 2001 Economic Stimulus package.

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National Indian Gaming Association
• Led FY 2000 efforts to introduce alternative Internet legislation as proposed by the Administration/Department of Justice. Co-leader of team that devised and implemented strategy to defeat Kyl/Goodlatte Internet gambling legislation.
• Co-leader of team that devised and implemented strategy resulting in defeat of Senator Jon Kyl’s efforts to attach internet gambling legislation to the Commerce, Justice, State Department FY 1999 appropriations bill.

Amdahl Corporation
• Worked with team of high technology corporations to develop and execute strategy concerning Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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McCain 2000 Presidential Campaign
• Assisted presidential campaign of Senator John McCain in crafting Northern Ireland platform, conducting outreach and obtaining subsequent support of Irish American community.

Doing Business in China/Latin America Seminars
• Organized international trade forums for Virginia Commonwealth University, including securing keynote speakers and panelists.

Good Friday Trade & Investment Act
• Crafted economic development legislation and identified supporters in order to assist peace process in Northern Ireland. Launched grassroots campaign and built broad coalition to support U.S. trade and investment in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland. Worked with members of Congress, Irish/U.K. political and business interests, and international media. Issue has been subject of Irish national television documentary, numerous interviews, and newspaper publications.

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