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“This is how Native Americans express their gratitude and thankfulness for those who help. Thanks for all your assistance Blackfoot, I will never forget there are men such as yourself in this world who are willing to assist those in need.“
— Ronnie Thomas, Chairman,
Alabama Coushatta Tribe of Texas.

“...The time and expertise [Tom] shared was well received in our efforts to educate our congressional delegation on the National Gambling Impact Study Commission report. [Tom’s] willingness to assist us, particularly on short notice, truly speaks to [his] commitment and dedication...[His] vigilance and foresight are always evident and will help keep us a step ahead of our enemies.”
Stanley Crooks, Chairman,
Minnesota Indian
Gaming Association

“As our primary lobbyist and legislative insider in Washington, Tom has been a key advisor on issues affecting Native Americans before the U.S. Congress and the Administration. He has been an indispensable team member on a variety of issues, ranging from taxation to the appropriations process... [He] is unquestionably skilled in assessing risk and combating the all-too-frequent attempts to infringe on Native American sovereignty. On a personal note, Tom is an honest and hardworking individual with unparallel personal integrity. He passionately believes in the issues on which he works and settles for nothing less than giving his best.”
— Jacob Coin, Executive Director,
National Indian Gaming Association

“Tom is very bright and quickly distinguished himself through his keen political sense and aptitude with tax, trade and health care issues. As a lobbying consultant to our organization, he demonstrates excellent client service qualities. He is responsive to requests and proactive to anticipating our needs. We were pleased to support Tom and the creation of Carlyle Consulting and continue to work regularly with him.”
— Vincent Fong, Vice President,
Taxation and Tax Counsel, Levi Strauss & Co.

“Tom possesses a keen understanding of the interplay among the political, economic, and governmental aspects of issues. He operates with the highest integrity. I have found his advice to be timely and extremely helpful. He has a gift for explaining complicated issues such that non-government people can extract what is important to them.”
— Murray Scureman, former Vice President,
Government Affairs, Amdahl Corporation

“Tom’s knowledge of the Committee, of the tax code, and of the overall budget process (including the procedures for securing revenue estimates from the Joint Committee on Taxation) contributed to the ultimate success of the Navajo Nation in having its proposals enacted as part of H.R. 11, the Revenue Act of 1992.”
—Michael Barnes (D-MD)
Former U.S. Representative

“I recognize the fact that the numerous hours [Tom] spend meeting with potential participants to narrow the field to those most qualified to address the Forum is really what paid off in the long run. Absolutely, [Tom’s] hard work to secure the participation of the noted individuals was first rate.”
— Dr. Van Wood, Philip Morris Chair,
International Business,
Virginia Commonwealth University

“Tom was instrumental in getting our region to the standing we now believe we have with companies and academic institutions in the State of Virginia and Washington, D.C. He has the gift of practical, yet innovative though, coupled with a very real and accurate understanding of the complex political climate in Ireland. In all my dealings as a client of Tom’s, I have found him to be responsive to requests, enthusiastic, and a true professional... Through working closely with Tom over the past two years, I have developed a great respect for his economic/political opinion and viewpoint, and I know this standing is mirrored by many of the business and political leaders from our region.”
— John McNally, Chief Executive and Director,
Economic Development,
Armagh Business Center

“I worked closely with Tom during the 102nd Congress on a legislative proposal to provide employment and investment tax credits to private sector businesses locating on Indian reservations. As a member of the Blackfoot tribe, Tom understood the importance of strengthening Indian reservation economies and became an important staff resource in discussing the merits of this amendment with the [Senate] Finance Committee members who come from states without Indian reservations. The Indian amendment was eventually included in the Revenue Act of 1992, and much of this success is due to Tom’s hard work and keen knowledge of the legislative process.”
— Daniel L. Lewis, Majority Staff Director,
Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs

“[Tom] has taken a personal interest in promoting a bill to extend trade privileges to certain economically-depressed counties if Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as a contribution to the making of peace in that troubled area. In this effort he has demonstrated knowledge of that complicated foreign policy problem and a grasp of how to formulate and push forward legislation that might help resolve it.”
— Ralph Clough, Professor,
Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced
International Studies,
Johns Hopkins University

“...it was obvious that [Tom] put a tremendous amount of thought and hard work into this [Good Friday Trade and Investment] initiative. The potential for Northern Ireland companies to capitalized on the export opportunities which [the] initiative would present are enormous.”
— Norman J. Houston, Deputy Director,
Northern Ireland Bureau, British Embassy

“...[Tom] has demonstrated great skill in maneuvering my tax proposals through the legislative process (many of them were included in the Revenue Act of 1992). In fact, when the Tax Foundation honored me as “Tax Policymaker of the Year” in 1991, I considered it in large part a tribute to Tom’s work.”
— Senator Max Baucus (D-MT)

“In several instances, Tom worked with my office — with considerable skill and know-how on the mechanisms and the politics applicable to the Senate Finance Committee. Tom’s knowledge of the Committee, the tax code, and the overall budget process contributed to the success of several pieces of legislation.”
— Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT)

“I have been particularly impressed with Tom’s substantive knowledge of the issues, his intuitive political sense, and his strong work ethic.”
— Former Senator David Pryor (D-AR)

“Mr. Rodgers is a team player whose integrity is beyond reproach. He would be an asset to any panel or committee...
He is very passionate and sincere about his job which is reflected by the work product that he provides.”
— Dave Nenna, Tribal Administrator,
Tule River Tribal Council

“Tom, you did an outstanding job for us.”
—Kevin Battise, Tribal Chairman,
Alabaman-Coushatta Tribe of Texas

“[Tom has] been a tremendous asset to the Cherokee Nation and the Housing Authority.”
— L.S. Fields,
Cherokee Nation Housing Authority


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